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PostPosted: Fri Jun 08, 2012 2:06 pm 

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Here is my list of asterisms and other nemed objects.

Actual Names found in books and charts.

Note: The list starts at number 3. I deleted 1 and 2 they were irrelevant. They were notes for a talk on this stuff. I decided not to change all the numbers since it doesn't matter, you don't need it to start at number 1, that doesn't change the object to be observed. So lets go with, "It stars at number 3". BUT! If it's killing you, and you have to have it start at number 1, feel free to recopy it and renumber it. I hope that covers it, a good enough explanation so that no one asks me why it statrs at number 3 or what happened to 1 and 2? In the comments, I plan to list the names of all thoes who ask anyway!

3. "Coat hanger Asterism", also known as "Brocchi's Cluster", in Vulpecula is a true open cluster, designated as Collinder 399 (Cr 399). Looks most like what it’s called.
4. NGC2169 Orion the “37”
5. NGC7009 in Aquarius “The Saturn Nebula”
6. M51 in Canes Venatici “The Whirlpool Galaxy”
7. M64 in Coma Berenices, “The Black Eye Galaxy”
8. NGC4038/39 in Corvus and Crater, “The Ring tailed or Rat tail or Antenna Galaxy” Never saw this one.
9. NGC7000 in Cygnes, The North American Nebula
10. NGC 6960, 6992, 6995 in Cygnes, The Veil Nebula
11. NGC 6826, in Cygnes, The Blinking Planetary
12. NGC6543 in Draco, The Cats Eye Nebula
13. NGC 2392, in Gemini, The Eskimo or Clown face Nebula
14. NGC 3242, in Hydra, The grost of Jupiter.
15. R Leporis, in Lepus, Hind’s Crimson Star or The Drop of Blood. Never saw this.
16. M57, in Lyre, The Ring Nebula.
17. NGC 2237/2244 in Monoceros, the Rosetta Nubula and star cluster.
18. NGC 2264, in Monoceros, The Christmas Tree cluster.
19. M8 in Sagittarius, the Lagoon Nebula
20. M20 in Sagittarius, the Trifid Nebula
21. M17 in Omega or Swan Nebula
22. M6 in Scorpius, the Butterfly Cluster
23. M11 in Scutum, The Wild Duck cluster, the best open cluster
24. M16 in Serpens, the Eagle Nubula
25. NGC 3115 in Sextans, the Spindle Galaxy
26. M1, in Taurus, the Crab Nebula.
27. M45 in Taurus, The Pleiades
28. In Taurus, The Huades
29. M33 in Triangulum, the Pinwheel Galaxy
30. M97 in Ursa Major, the Owl Nebula
31. M104 in Virgo, the Sombrero Galaxy
32. M27 in Vulpecula, the Dumbell Nebula
33. NGC 7662 in And. The Blue Snowball
34. NGC 2261 in Mon. Hubbles Variable Nebula
35. NGC 4656 in C.V., the Fishhook Galaxy
36. M84, M86, NGC 4387/88 in Virgo, the Face
37. NGC 6302 in Sag. The Bug Nebula
38 NGC 2356, in Gemini, Thor Helmet Cluster

Actual names found in my books

1. NGC 457 in Cass. The Dragonfly Cluster
2. NGC 7160 in Ceph. The Gator Cluster
3. NGC 488 in Pisces the Sunrise Galaxy
4. NGC 2403 in Cam. The Hammer Head Shark Galaxy
5. NGC 1664 in Auriga, the Stingray Cluster
6. NGC 4762 in Virgo, the Needle Galaxy
7. NGC 4419 in Virgo, the Sliver Galaxy
8. NGC 5353/54 in CV, the Leopards Eyes
9. NGC 7177 in Peg, the Whales Tail Galaxy.
10. NGC 7027 in Cygnes, the Blue Bean Plantary
11. NGC 2251 in Mon, the Squid Cluster (named by Ro)
12. M63 in C.V., the Baseball Bat Galaxy
13. NGC 7769/70/71 in Per, The Dripping Faucet

That's it;

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